About Millman Capital

We focused on the business sector, focused on improving and integrating help and technology into business. We are constantly thinking what businesses their customers need and what can improve their revenue, management and success.

We are always about 500 miles per hour and do not rest, if you want to get on the same highway of success and dream the same dream. We would be happy to be among the partners in our success.

If you have a cool idea that appeals to our target audience, we'd love to know and collaborate.

We are guns in planning, programming and everything around and we will be happy to be your partners too.

Millman Portfolio

1net Ecommerce Platform

Est. 2009

Point of Sale

Est. 2010

Price Compare

Est. 2018

Smart Pele

Est. 2002

Forum Platform

Est. 2001

Mail Marketing

Est. 2004

FireWall in a BOX

Est. 2005

Website Builder

Est. 2007

Followup Reminder

Est. 2015

GEO Sale
Deal & Coupons by Location

Est. 2012

B2B Orders Terminal

Est. 2017

What's NEXT ...

Looking for our next challenge

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